The Cheerleaders’ Plan

Pornstars: Dani Blu, Jade Kimiko

Rion and Juan join the cheerleading squad in order to meet slutty girls and get laid. Jade and Dani, the boys’ stepsisters, are head cheerleaders in the team and are compelled to train them. Juan and Rion obviously don’t take things seriously and are constantly pranking the girls back every time they get the chance. Dani and Jade see through their stepbrothers’ crap and concoct a revenge plan that involves humiliating them by making them expose their dicks and take pictures of them for social media. The plan backfires when the girls discover how hung Juan and Rion are. What started as a revenge plan suddenly turns into a horny foursome between stepsiblings.

With Her Husband’s Permission

Caught With A Stuffed Muff